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Cooking Classes

Spend the day with a local learning to cook tradtional food in a local homestay or home

Love Asia food?.... Want to know the secrets? ...... Would like to spend some time in a local home?

Then cooking lessons are just for you! Learn about the vegetables used in Indonesia cooking and learn of the secrets, taking away a memerable experience

Erna's Cooking Class

Duration: 5 hours

Included: trip to the farm/market, becak ride, guide, cooking class, lunch

Group Size: 1 - 6

Cost: Varies

Erna is a lovely lady that has a homestay in Gotong Royong village and owns and runs an Eco-Farm. She is an amazing cook and wants to share her knowledge with visitors.

Begin by visiting Erna's Eco-farm or local market to pick the vegetables needed lunch. Return to Erna's to learn how to make some tasty food. Help chop vegetables, learn how to make coconut milk or make a paste. See exactly how the locals do it. She will teach you everything you need to know for each dish.... Ending with a super yummy lunch that has been cooked by yourself! 

You can immerse yourself in local culture and end up making some friends for life Erna is super friendly and speaks good english. She will welcome you and will definitely be made to feel at home

Mama Sam's Cooking Class

Duration: 5 hours

Included: guide, trip to the market, becak ride, all ingredients for lunch, fruit, water, use of kitchen equipement 

Group Size: 1 - 6

Cost: Varies

Want to really immerse yourself in local life and see exactly how people live and cook here? Then this cooking class is for you !!


Mama Sam lives in Perumahan, a village above Bukit Lawang. She is a lovely, funny lady with a smile always on her face. She will certainly make you feel at home. She can speak and understand a few words of English.


In the past, she has worked in restaurants, but now she sells noodles and cakes in the village. She spends most of her time in the kitchen cooking and preparing traditional local and Java food, which is super delicious! 

Guest will have a choice of what dishes they would like to make and eat. On the day of the class you will visit the market with a guide and be shown all the different vegetables and spices. Returning to Mama's house you will start preparing the ingredients and learn how to cook them for your chosen dishes.


Once everything is cooked, you will sit down to eat the tradtional way, on the floor and if you want to eat like a local, with your hands! Enjoy the delicious food that you've cooked and then enjoy some seasonal fruits.

Both these cooking classes offer traditional Indonesian dishes, the difference is the set up. Erna has a homestay so is already established, whereas cooking classes at Mama Sam's will take place in her home, a simple and modest dwelling. However, whichever guests choose, both will make you feel welcome and comfortable.

Both these cooking classes are suitable for individuals, couples and families.

PLEASE NOTE: Both these places are located in the village, which is predominately Muslim. We ask all our guests to dress and behave respectfully. Women especially need to cover there thighs and tops, covering there chest and shoulders.

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